HF RIG STAND   November 11th, 2011

It is often difficult to see all the knobs on a modern radio when it is sitting at waist height on a desk. How much easier it would be if it was raised up. So here is a natty idea, the “Elevator” let’s you operate at a comfortable height. It is shown here with an FT-450 on top. The approx size is 24W x 14H x 25D (cm). It is made from brushed alloy and looks great. Non slip surfaces are on top and bottom. Minimum width of the radio needs to be approx 21cm. Call 01702 203353 for further information and availability.

NEW! YouKits HF Transceivers   January 20th, 2011

Waters & Stanton have been appointed sole distributors of the first of these new HF transceivers from China.

The HB-1A-MK3 transceivers offers 2 band coverage with up to 5 Watts output. It includes a digital display, built-in CW keyer with auto CQ and switched bandwidth filters. Designed very much with the portable QRP operator in mind, it can be run from internal cells or external 12v system. There are two models available, the HB-1A-MK3-40-20 which offers 40m & 20m and the HB-1A-MK3-30-20 which offers 30m & 20m.

This radio is sold in the USA under the TenTec banner. The China factory has now appointed Waters & Stanton as their exclusive UK distributor and this radio will be the first of a range of HF models. Look out for the new 6-band HF rig SSB and CW!

To find out more about these radios which will be arriving soon click here