Radarspotters Moderator Biased?   August 25th, 2011

Radarspotters is a forum supporting virtual radar and their moderator recently bombarded the ASA with complaints about advertising claims made by Waters & Stanton on behalf of AirNav Systems USA, the manufacturers of RadarBox. Now if the complaints had related to the product’s performance or its operating system, that might make sense. But no, the complaints related to whether or not the list of international companies using RadarBox was indeed correct. Why would the moderator want to do that? Was he acting on behalf of the membership? The only reason we can think of is that he was acting on behalf of a competitor! Hardly a suitable person, you might think, to mediate over a forum that one would expect to have no commercial bias. Whether or not he chooses to explain himself, time will tell. In the meantime there has to be a question mark over the mediator’s ability to moderate!