The Small Garden Challenge   May 15th, 2017

I have spoken about how one’s attitude may need to change when trying to enjoy ham radio when you have a small garden, From the very beginning, ham radio operators have been breaking down barriers and showing how what was once thought impossible is now possible. Even small antennas and very low power can bring results and sometimes results that are far better than perhaps we could hope for.


So if you have a small garden, maybe you should start to treat it as a challenge. And I am not writing this from the position of having a large garden with large antennas. So I can empathise with the problem and know exactly how it feels to hear the DX pass you by. There are many options that can be considered and some of these do depend on what the shape of the garden is and the position of surrounding things. But there are very, very few gardens that cannot be used for hame radio.


Stick with me.



Peter Waters


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Small Garden – Big Signal?   May 15th, 2017

Ah, wouldn’t that be great if we could achieve that? I am going to talk about this over the next week or so. The reason is that many of us hams now have small gardens and envy those that are able to put up big antennas and achieve big signal performance.


There is perhaps a psychological aspect to this. Big signals certainly bring satisfaction, but for how long? Let us suppose that you had a massive antenna array and you were able yo work any station you could hear. How long would that satisfaction last? I know from my own experience having operated a massive station in the USA. After a while it becomes almost boring. Why? Because there is no real challenge. It is rather like handing an angler, who had been happy sitting by a river with his rod, a large net. No further problem! He could catch all the fish in the river as soon as they appeared. Satisfaction? I suspect not! So we will be thinking along those lines over the next few blog entries. Yjat does not mean we cannot catch fish as they appear!


To be continued.


Peter G3OJV

Waters & Stanton

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We are Now in Portsmouth   May 13th, 2017


We are now located in our new home in Portsmouth. This move will benefit the entire ham radio community. We have a lot more space to operate in and a lot more room for stock. No other dealer can match the facilities we have and the expertise we have. Call signs such as G3SED, G3OJV and G0KSC, all op;rate from here. All are active ham operators with


The new location is very easy to get to. We are just 5 minutes drive from the A3(M). There is lots of free parking. And if you are bringing a wife down, you will be pleased to know that there is a very large Sainsbury store a few minutes walk away with cafe.


We are currently planning a retail shop expansion and this will provide excellent facilities for demonstrations and show casing all the latest ham radio products.


Yes, we are now the largest ham radio store in the UK and it is well worth a visit. Whether you want a few connectors or a full blown station, we will be happy serve you. We are the only store in the UK to stock all the Major brands of transceivers.



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On The Move   April 5th, 2017

This week we are beginning the move in ernest. Here is a van full of StppIR antennas getting ready to be shipped to Portsmouth. The main movement of goods from our Hockley warehouse to Portsmouth, is scheduled to take place ov er the next seven days.  There will still be some residual stock at the Hockley warehouse and the warehouse will continue to operate in a secondary capacity for the remainder of April. The Jockley shop contents have been largely transferred to Portsmouth nd the phone lines from Hockley are now being answered by operators in both Hockley and Portsmouth.

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On The Move   April 3rd, 2017

We have now moved our retail operation to Portsmouth. This is totally transparent. Visitors will receive the same welcome as they did in Hockley. There are currently alterations in progress that will extend the retail shop area in Portsmouth to more than double what it currently is. This will become the largest ham radio retail showroom in the UK.


Our mail order operation is currently being manned in both Portsmouth and Hockley. Our phone numbers have not changed. When you dial one of our numbers you may be answered by a salesman in Portsmouth or one in Hockley.  Either way, the salesman all have access to all our stock information and be able to take your order. Most stock is now in Portsmouth, but some will remain in Hockley for a while whilst extension work is completed in Portsmouth. This will not affect the shipping or your orders. The equipment will be shipped from whichever warehouse has the stock.



Peter G3OJV.

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Website Hacked   April 3rd, 2017

Our web site has been hacked into and as a result we are in the course of repairing the damage and to prevent the same happening again. Customers wishing to order can of course use email or phone and of course it does not affect our eBay site.


Peter G3OJV

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Here is a new item that will be with us very shortly.  Order yours now.

IHSG – Nevada Radio, InnovAntennas and Waters & Stanton Unit 1, Fitzherbert Spur, Farlington, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 1TT, United Kingdom and Vibroplex / INRAD 1001 N, Broadway St, Knoxville, TN 37917 USA


IHSG and Vibroplex/INRAD announce the release of a new accessory product for the Icom IC-7300 which provides a receive antenna socket on the rear of the radio.


The INRAD model RX7300 allows the user to add a receive-only antenna jack to the Icom IC-7300.  This easy to install plug-in modification requires no soldering and is simple to install and easily reversible.  The RX7300 can also be used for the insertion of accessory items into the receiver chain on the IC-7300 like receive-only bandpass filters, low noise preamps, etc.   When installed, the transceiver will use the SO-239 antenna connector on transmit, and one RCA phono jack on the RX7300 for receive.  To use the transceiver in normal operation via the SO239, leave the RG-174 coax loop installed between the 2 phono sockets.


The RX7300 retails for £49.95 or £99.95 fitted and is only available through HIS group affiliated stores. Customers who purchased their IC-7300s via an IHSG store will receive a £5.00 discount from the supply only price and £15.00 discount from the installed price.

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YAESU OLD STOCK – BEWARE!   February 13th, 2017


It has come to our attention that one UK dealer is disposing of Yaesu products that are ‘old’ stock. In other words, old stock that may have been sitting around for a year or more. Would you really want to buy a year old item believing it to be new?

All our stock is current and rarely more than a month old because we turn our stock quickly and always make sure that we have no more than a month’s supply which ensures the customer receives the latest equipment from our suppliers.

The good news is that we can always match any price on Yaesu and you know that you are getting the very latest serial numbers. The International Ham Stores Group have unrivalled buying power and can match or beat any advertised price on new Yaesu stock.

Items that you need to be particularly careful of are the following models:





Peter Waters G3OJV

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WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE   January 12th, 2017

With our pending move of our main warehouse down to Portsmouth, it is time for us to start clearing out our Hockley warehouse. This is quite a task as we have been in Hockley all our life. So we have forty four years of accumulated odds and ends to get rid of. We are getting rid of most of it on eBay so it is worth checking our eBay site regularly. The link is shown below.


CLICK here.



Peter G3OJV

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The Changing Way we Buy and Sell   January 8th, 2017

When I first started Waters and Stanton forty three years ago, things were a lot different to what they are now. Perhaps not very surprising after such a long time, but it is worth looking at some of the changes.


W&S first advertised in the RSGB Bulletin in 1973. It was one of the best ways of promoting our products. The Bulletin was not alone. On the newsstands were Practical Wireless and Short wave Magazine. The latter was the magazine that first introduced me to the hobby. The first W&S advert appeared in the Bulletin in 1973. The magazine is now known as RadCom.

Then, the only way that I could find out about products that were available was by reading these magazines. Likewise the only way that I could sell products was by advertising in the magazines. It was a major source of income for these magazines. It is an important source of income for the survival of most magazines. And it is, or rather was, the reason that many ham operators and listeners, bought these magazines. But times are changing.


My recent experience suggests that anybody wanting to purchase new equipment or see what is available, is likely to turn to the internet. A retailer cannot hope to included all his products in a magazine advert and it is far cheaper to advertise products on the internet than it is in the pages of magazines. This is not good new for magazines. But what about technical articles?


In many cases these are also appearing on the internet. Take a look at YouTube and Google. There is a wealth of information here. In fact there is very little that cannot be found on the web these days. There are even reviews on the latest equipment. So where are we going?


Well it is likely that this trend will continue and it is likely to hit the ham radio market in a signifiant way. I know that we spend a huge amount of money o magazine advertising. Test adverts are showing that the response is getting less and less. So the obvious solution is to reduce the level of page advertising. But there is a reason to be concerned over this. Magazines have in the past been a way of introducing newcomers to the hobby. I have already mentioned, that was how I came into the hobby. Radom is a little different because it is not on the news stands. That is a great shame. and has certainly been a major source of income for the RSGB


There can be little doubt that magazine advertising is becoming an expense with diminishing returns. It would be a shame if advertising was taken away completely from magazines, forcing them to close. Publishers need to realise that the time is coming whereby advertising rates need to be reduced to match the falling response. It is just one example of how the web is changing the way we buy and sell.



Peter Waters G3OJV

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