Are You Ready for 6 Metres?   May 30th, 2012

I decided that as May was almost out and the E-season upon us, that it was time to put up something for 6m. I chose one of the small Innnov 3 element OWL antennas and as the picture above, shows, it does not look too bad in the air. It’s too early to report results, but I have had no problems in working into Eastern Europe from what is a poor location at the bottom of a hill. By complete contrast I had a cup of tea with Justin of Innov at his works a few days later and was shown what can only be described as a massive 6m array being built for export. The photo below¬†shows a section of the main boom. Bear in mind this is just one antenna of a stack of six!

I am told we have good stocks of 6m antennas of NORMAL size for NORMAL people!

~ Peter Waters

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