Use What You Sell!   November 9th, 2011

Readers will know how impressed I have been with the new range of InnovAntennas made here locally not far from Hockley. They are the brainchild of Justin Johnson, G0KSC. My own QTH is not VHF friendly, situated as it is at the bottom of a hill. But no matter, I decided to try one of the smallest VHF antennas, the 2m 4el. LFA. To make matters worse, I could initially only get the antenna 15ft above ground, so in some directions the house shielded it and in all directions neighbour’ houses were not that far away. However, I hooked the radio up to a rather battered IC-706IIG and tuned around the bottom end of 2m on SSB and CW. Over the weekend I actually managed to work several G stations. The furthest north was in Leicester, perhaps 150km, and I managed a few ON and DF stations. All this on a very flat band and a poorly sited antenna. What did impress me was the excellent F/B ratio and extremely low side lobes. I was able to easily overcome any local noise issues provided they were not in the same direction as the antenna. The VSWR was almost flat and certainly no problem in operating across the 2MHz available bandwidth. Construction as I have said before on this blog, is superb and if you move up to the 6 element version and erect a “box” of four Yagis with the appropriate splitter, you are pretty well equipped for EME work. I did experience one annoying noise problem when I was working into western Europe, but this turned out to be an internal source in my home music studio. Once tracked down and turned off, the band was quiet!

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