Compact antennas & Bank Holiday   May 25th, 2017


Above is my Buddhistic.  I mounted it on a small camera tripod. This example is rather weather beaten but has served me well. If you look closely you will see the radial counterpoise that is wound up on a plastic spool. Whilst the Buddistick system is primarily for use as a portable system, there is no reason why it cannot be used from home. I would not advise it for use as a permanent antenna installation outside, simply because the weather would get to it. But certainly for those with very small gardens, it could be quickly placed outside and then taken in once operation for the day is finished.  It should take up to around 50W. I use mine for portable QRP operation on 40m and 20m. Band changing is achieved by simply changing the tap on the coil. Fine tuning is achieved by adjusting the telescopic whip section.



In the past, the May Bank Holiday has been the time when we have our Open Day in Hockley. As we have now closed our shop in Hockley and we are still in the process of finishing our move we, have decided to do some special offers on the web site. I won’t say any more about this now, but keep a close watch on our web site over this weekend. CLICK


Peter G3OJV



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