The Small Garden Challenge   May 15th, 2017

I have spoken about how one’s attitude may need to change when trying to enjoy ham radio when you have a small garden, From the very beginning, ham radio operators have been breaking down barriers and showing how what was once thought impossible is now possible. Even small antennas and very low power can bring results and sometimes results that are far better than perhaps we could hope for.


So if you have a small garden, maybe you should start to treat it as a challenge. And I am not writing this from the position of having a large garden with large antennas. So I can empathise with the problem and know exactly how it feels to hear the DX pass you by. There are many options that can be considered and some of these do depend on what the shape of the garden is and the position of surrounding things. But there are very, very few gardens that cannot be used for hame radio.


Stick with me.



Peter Waters


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