Small Garden – Big Signal?   May 15th, 2017

Ah, wouldn’t that be great if we could achieve that? I am going to talk about this over the next week or so. The reason is that many of us hams now have small gardens and envy those that are able to put up big antennas and achieve big signal performance.


There is perhaps a psychological aspect to this. Big signals certainly bring satisfaction, but for how long? Let us suppose that you had a massive antenna array and you were able yo work any station you could hear. How long would that satisfaction last? I know from my own experience having operated a massive station in the USA. After a while it becomes almost boring. Why? Because there is no real challenge. It is rather like handing an angler, who had been happy sitting by a river with his rod, a large net. No further problem! He could catch all the fish in the river as soon as they appeared. Satisfaction? I suspect not! So we will be thinking along those lines over the next few blog entries. Yjat does not mean we cannot catch fish as they appear!


To be continued.


Peter G3OJV

Waters & Stanton

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