BEKO VHF and UHF Amplifiers   January 6th, 2017



Waters & Stanton Ltd, part of the IHSG Group, are pleased to announce that they are now the exclusive UK agents for BEKO Amplifiers. Beko are based in Germany and are well known for producing high performance amplifiers for VHF and UHF with power outputs up to 4kW. BEKO need a distributor that had the technical backup and product knowledge to represent them. Waters & Stanton were the only dealer that met this high standard or requirement. The product range will be overseen by Justin, G0KSC, who will be happy to talk to you about the full range of BEKO products.


Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 10.10.18


The amplifier above is the HLV-1000 that will deliver up to 1.5kW output on 2m.  The standard model will deliver this power output with a drive level of 25W.  The amplifier is protected against over drive for power input levels up to 150W. We are able to offer different power input levels to customer orders, from 5W to 50W for full output. Special modified versions are also available for drive levels down to 5dBm.


One of the interesting features is that the amplifier has a built in sequencer. This can be used in two different ways. The first is using the DC output voltage on transmit to switch a mast head pre-amplifier. The second is to short two pins together on the accessory socket which then feeds the control voltage up the coax cable. This is particularly useful when using the BEKO high power mast head pre-amps.


Full detaisl are on our web site. CLICK HERE

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