ICOM IC-7300 A Winner   April 27th, 2016

The ICOM IC-7300 is still outstripping sales of base station HF transceivers in the £1K price bracket. Only today we had three callers buying IC-7300s. And when you stack this radio up against other budget class rigs, you can see why. It has also got a great rating in www.sherweng,com ratings. Frankly it is probably under priced and I think many customers appreciate just what a great deal they are getting for the money.


I have no doubt that the “competition” will be taking stock of this radio, but I have heard no rumours of anything similar coming from the other manufacturers. we have no axe to grind with the big three names, and speak as we find things. The fortunes of the manufacturers is for ever changing. Currently ICOM seem untouchable in this part of the market.



Quite amazingly, our second shipment of IC-7300 transceivers has sold out within four days. That speaks volumes about how ICOM have hit the “sweet spot” in the eyes of many ham enthusiasts. ¬†Everybody that comes into the shop makes their way quickly to the IC-7300. It probably helps because our IC-7300 is connected directly to our SteppIR 3 element Yagi.


Peter G3OJV

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