Changin Demands for HF Transceivers   April 25th, 2016

There is a very obvious change in the demand for HF transceivers, or at least the designs. Rig sales such as the FT-450 and IC-718 are now very low. The FT-DX1200 is likewise very low in demand. The Kenwood TS-590SG is outselling almost anything else in the low end price range by a large margin.  The one exception is the IC-7300 which is bringing base station SDR to the masses.  The FT-DX3000 is being hit hard by the Elecraft K3S and the FT-817 is being squeezed by the KX3. And the high end is seeing FlexRadio and Apache eating into sales in this sector. As for the ageing FT-DX9000, well if you want one you have to order it now.


This change in buying has little to do with prices. It has more to do with performance and value for money. HF performance is now very easily measured by visiting A few surprises here! But for all this, there are those that buy on looks rather than performance. So all is not lost for the slow sellers!


Peter G3OJV.

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