The Radio Section, Duxford, Cambridgeshire   June 9th, 2015

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About once a year I make a pilgrimage to Duxford airfield in Cambridgeshire, the site occupied by the Imperial War Museum. It turned out to be an interesting day because as well as my passion for radio, I have a great interest in aviation, starting from the time when I was the in the ATC. Subsequently I was turned down by the RAF owing to colour blindness and later ,when I took up private flying, I only managed 8 hours solo before a serious eye condition grounded me for good.

During my Duxford visit I did however manage to get close to a Spitfire which was being wheeled out. The mechanics let me get closer than normal to this fabulous aircraft. An hour later it was in the air providing a spirited display and no sooner had it finished, and a second pilot repeated the display.

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My ultimate goal was the Radio Section at Duxford, hut 177, overseen by the local hams in and around the Cambridge area. On duty that day were David G8IDL and David G3UPJ (yes two Davids). The station there has some modern ham gear, but is surrounded by much WW2 gear, including a fully working T1154 and R1155 transmitter and receiver. The antenna is a Cushcraft log periodic on a tower and a G5RV for 80 and 40m.

The hut is well worth a visit as it is a radio museum in its own right. If you do managed to get along there when the hut is open, then I suggest that you ask to see inside hut 178 where there is a lot more gear to be seen, some of it in pristine condition. Anybody who was active in the 1950s or 1960s will think they are back at Tottenham Court Road, London.

It was a brief visit and I could not resist sitting in the Lancaster radio operator’s position on the T1154 and R1155 setup. I did have the pleasure of sitting in that position,Duxford
both in RAF Lancaster and the Lancaster at East Kirkby, but that is another story!

Peter G3OJV

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