The Final Session on The Roof!   June 5th, 2015

Today the weather is very hot and we are hoping that it will remain stable for the final session on the roof tomorrow. Recent visitors to our shop will have noticed that our antenna farm on the roof is getting bigger and bigger. The most recent addition is the rotatable dipole. This has a centre section of 2 inches and absolutely no droop. The results are proving excellent, and it is a great band for demonstrating HF performance. Tomorrow’s task it to finalise the work on the 6-band Yagi covering 6m to 20m. This employs end loading to avoid collision with the VHF arrays either side.

6m and 4m remains very lively. At the moment there have been some openings on 5m to the USA from the southern art of Europe. We are hoping that there will be an opening for us here in the UK, sometime next week.

In the meantime, if you hear G0PEP on the bands, then give us a call. Peter G3OJV

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