Elecraft KX3 On Holiday   June 6th, 2014

A few days holiday gives me the chance to get my KX3 transceiver into my rucksack and hope for some fine weather. I invested in a Tern folding bike as well, so that I am really able to enjoy some portable operation.

My main antenna is an end fed wire and matching counterpoise. The KX3 makes this an easy option as the optional internal auto ATU is more than capable of feeding random wires. How many other transceivers can offer this?

My operation will be CW only as I still love this mode for QRP operation. This evening I was playing around with the selectivity control and when this is married up with the AF filter, you get an incredible level of selectivity.

A set of rechargeable AA cells will be my power source and I will be using the little paddle that is available for KX3. A complete station that easily fits in a small bag.

There is so much to love about the KX3 transceiver. Peter G3OJV.

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