A Short Thought On Antennas   May 25th, 2014

There are all kinds of problems with choosing an antenna system and more so when you only have a small garden. I can empathise with this problem as I am in exactly that situation. It has not been any real problem for me because I have in the past had the space for much larger antennas than I currently have. But as much of my operation is on CW with low power, I am accustomed to having to work for many of my QSOs. It’s the difference between fishing with a rod and line and casting out a great trawler net. One embraces skill, whilst the other uses brute force. Both have their place.

I have always been interested in antennas and antenna design. Its a subject that was once regularly covered by Pat Hawker, G3VA, in his monthly Technical Topics column. Some of the designs were questionable and others were quite intriguing. But that is the fun of antenna design, there is often an idea that comes up that nobody has ever thought of before. It’s not so much a case of a new invention, but rather the implementation of a technique that has not been done in a particular way before. How many different dipole designs are there?

I recently returned to looking at the problem of small gardens, and indeed, the absence of any garden space at all. Like so many ideas, it began as a thought and then was translated to a sketched design. My next step is to actually transfer the idea into a test antenna. I could try modelling it, but with some designs there is little point. If the idea is sound, then you may as well short circuit the whole business and set to with wire and insulators. This is the route I propose to take. I am looking at two designs, the first an LF antenna covering 80-40-20m around 55ft long and another ,for possible use in an attic, covering 20-15-10m with a length of around 28ft.

As and when I make sme progress I will report further.

Peter G3OJV.

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