Icom ID-5100E A “touch” better!   May 10th, 2014

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Tioch screen seems to be the logical progression for ham radio transceivers. One must congratulate ICOM on embracing this technology in both their ID-5100E and their IC-7100.

I suppose one could question why they didn’t go the whole way and make it a colour screen. However, it is a very welcome progression, and once you become accustomed to this feature, it is something that you appreciate very much. How many times have you stared at an unfamiliar radio and tried to work out where the band switch was or some other essential control? With a touch screen it is very intuitive and for those whose sight is not what it once was, it makes a big difference.

I found the ID-1500E radio very easy to operate and if you happen to have the right smart phone, you can also benefit from the ability to control it and program it via bluetooth. This same program also allows you to download the local repeater settings for your radio.

It is all very clever and functional stuff, and ICOM are clearly hoping to gain even more dominance in the digital arean for their D-Star service. And don’t forget that this radio also functions as a normal FM box. Check it out.

Peter G3OJV.

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