Elecraft Dominate DXpeditions   March 21st, 2014


It is interesting to see what the various DXpeditions use in the way of equipment, because operation and transportation under these kind of conditions requires reliability. reading the latest edition of CDXC, I see that 5W8A, operating from Samoa, used Elecraft equipment for almost all the operation. This included 3 x K3s, 2 x KPA-500 amplifiers and 2 x KAT-500 ATUs.

The very next article in the magazine described a DXpedition to Wake Island, K9W and then I hunted for the gear they were using. Yes you have guessed it; they were using Elecraft entirely. In fit they were using 5 x K3 transceivers and 5 x KPA-500 amplifiers. That is a pretty good product endorsement by any standards.

And the next report after that included the K3 transceiver.

It seems the whole world is turning towards Elecraft and the best sale men are the users! There are plenty of those around.

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