LF Ham Radio Across The “Pond”   March 13th, 2014

30KHz and Below.
I was interested to read about, what is believed to be a first, the crossing of the Atlantic by amateur operators on the LF band, just below 30kHz. This in fact were one way signals transmitted from the USA at the beginning of this month and received by UK hams. The mode was slow CW.

I have never operated myself, below 1.8MHz, which by LF standards must seem like SHF! But it is great news that ham radio is still pushing the boundaries. The full information is available on the TSGB news site. I could not find any information as to power output, or ERP, but I guess that this will be published shortly.

And talking about 160m, it reminds me of the time that I used to spend on that band as a newly licensed ham. I think many G3 operators cut their teeth on that band. How things have changed. The trend has been to move up to 2m FM. I doubt that these 30kHz contacts will change things, but it is yet another area for experimenting and shows that in radio there is always something new coming along.

Today we received the first batch of our new weather station, the W-8682 MK II. This is a remarkable device and is great value. As well as all the usual functions, it measures, wind speed, direction and rain fall. All this at an amazing price of £49.95

Peter G3OJV

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