Cracking The Code   January 28th, 2014

I happened to be looking around the ARRL web site and stumbled across their CW code schedules. What I had not realised was that they publish their CW code transmissions as MP3 audio files and as text files. The speeds vary from 5wpm to 40wpm. This is a great source of practice with the text sent also being available for checking. I struggled with 30wpm and there was no way I could cope with 40wpm.

This set me wondering whether these high speeds were ever achieved with straight keys? I find it hard to believe this was possible. Perhaps high speed CW has only been possible with the advent of electronic keyers? Actually, i do remember purchasing an Eddystone mechanical automatic keyer back in the 1960s, but I don’t think keying speeds of 40wpm were possible! Peter G3OJV

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