Keep Up With The Tablets   January 27th, 2014

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Last week I had a phone call from an owner of a K3 transceiver who said the transmitter,a K3, had stopped working. Fortunately the K3 has some very helpful error messages that are explained in the user manual. However, when things stop working the first thought for many is that the radio has developed a fault.

In this particular case I was fairly sure that I knew what the problem might be, but I needed to check through the manual. As I am first in line for many of the Elecraft phone calls I carry an iPad with me and all the manuals are available to me under iBooks, an Apple application. Apart from avoiding masses of paper, iBooks allows me to do a word search and so get the information up very quickly.

My checks all pointed to the fact that the transmit problem was the result of an incorrectly set menu item. This seemed very likely as the owner of the radio had recently installed an accessory that had to be switched on in the menu system. So armed with my iPad and a K3 in front of me, it was very easy to talk the customer through the menu settings. And sure enough I was right. In the K3 it is essential to select a filter and bandwidth for the transmitter. In this instance the transmitter filter choice had been switched off and so the error message appeared and the transmit light was flashing. Correcting this setting cured the problem and the owner was back on the air within 15 minutes of the phone call. Information technology certainly helped here. Peter G3OJV

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