FT-817 Now Has Auto ATU   December 31st, 2013

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I am often asked about the FT-817 and when Yaesu are going to bring out an Auto ATU for it. Well I think the bad news is never. They have had many years to do this and there is no sign that one is on its way. However, the good news is that there already is one in the shape of the T1-A from Elecraft. It is small enough to strap on the side of the FT-817 with velcro, and there is no control data lead needed. Just take the output from the FT-817 into the T1-A, and your antenna into the T1-A. It will handle coax cable and end fed wires. You can also use it for balanced feeder if you use a blun.

The T1-A runs from a PP3 battery and only draws currebt when actually tuning. Once tuned, the relays stay in a latched position and draw no current.

So for those who want an FT-817 with Auto ATU here is the answer. It exists now and is in stock at W&S. Peter G3OJV.

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