A Visit To London   November 1st, 2013

Today I spent an interesting few hours in Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. I think I probably qualify for life membership there as I have been hoing back and forth there for over fifty years now! Almost as long as I have held a ham radio license.

Todays event was to try and sharpen up my vison with laser surgery. My graft on the left eye was done about five years ago and has undergone a variety of tweaks to try and optimize it. This has gone from the somewhat crude, but effective attack with a scalpel knife on no less than four occasion to the much more refined one that I had today. The scalpel op is done freehand by the surgeon whilst I sat there with just a few drops of anesthetic to numb the pain. It brings instant results, but with a graft, the surgeon has to so it step by step over a period of a year as the graft response is rather different from that of an original cornea.

Today I sat under a rather elaborate laser machine and microscope. Apart from the smell of burning combined with bright lights and a generous amount of liquid, the operation was uneventful. I now have to wait for a couple of weeks whilst it heals, before the result can be assessed although the medical contact lens that protects the eye can be removed after six days. I also have a generous amount of anesthetic drops and other medication that has to be administered on an hourly and basis to start with! An hour can pass pretty quickly!

So if the posts here are not as frequent you will know the reason why! Peter G3OJV

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