Operating Disabilities   October 30th, 2013

I was interested to read Julian, G4ILO’s blog and his recent progress after his major brain surgery. It is good to learn that he is back and able to post the occasional blog entry.

I can empathize with his vision problem as I have some blind spots in my left eye, and also a blind spot in the centre of the right eye. Fortunately they work together to give me some good panoramic vision, but my left eye is doing all the focusing. However, with these visual problems comes the loss of 3D vision and the ability to judge distance. If you have normal vision, then try closing one eye and then pouring water from a jug into a small cup. It’s not easy! However, you do eventually adapt and like so many other physical restrictions, you tend to master the difficulty to a significant extent such that it becomes less of a problem and more of a minor nuisance. One that you learn to live with and make the appropriate adjustments.

Visual problems are more common than many realise, and of course they are invisible to others. I know that there are many ham operators who suffer with vision difficulties, and of course, many of us suffer with failing vision as we get older. The good news is that in most cases it is possible to adapt and to continue with the hobby. It may require some changes in the way that we operate and it may well mean that any form of building is no longer possible. But even when it comes to building, it is quite remarkable what some hams manage to achieve.

When `i was in Scotland in April this year. at the Sottish DX Dinner, I met up with an operator who was blind, yet was building his own VHF Yagi antennas. He explained to me how he managed this task. It was all very logical, and it did demonstrate to me that the disability in itself was providing an added challenge that once conquered brought its own satisfaction in a somewhat ironical way. I am sure that there are many other similar stories. Peter G3OJV.

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