The Storm Arrived   October 28th, 2013

Well the forecast storm arrived here in Essex and [peaked around 8am as expected. frankly it wasn’t as bard as was feared and locally there was not visible damage. My own antennas were fine. but there was not much to damage anyway. On out main works building we lost one antenna, which was a Despole for 10 – 20m. We had taken the precaution to guy it earlier in the year so that if it did come down it would fall on the flat roof. which it did.

I know there have been a few hams that have suffered damage, but the warming have been around for a few days now and I think a large number have taken the necessary precautions and lowered towers and masts.

It was a good job that the storm hit the UK today, Monday, as it did not interfere with the weekend contest, There seems to have been publicity of this pending storm overseas, as I received an email from a friend in India who had heard about it. Based on previous years, it does seem that this windy weather is becoming a regular event as we head towards winter.

One of the things that many of us regularly moan about is the lack of space for large antennas to towers. But it is on days lie we have just had, that hams tike me with small gardens and little room for much more than a wire, come out smiling.

With all the problems of today it was good to learn that we will get a Dover of some more SDR radios from Apache Labs. The demand for these new SDR radios has been steady. As the word spreads and the number of happy users post their experiences on the various forums, so orders flow in.

It looks as if there will be more exciting products from this Indian supplier. As soon as I lean more I will let you know. Peter G3OJV

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