Busy End to The Week   October 26th, 2013

Well it was good to receive a delivery of some more IC-7100 transceivers. It has certainly been a very popular radio. Over half our stock of these went up to Bill, at Jaycee mi Scotland. So there should be some happy faces up there now. I guess there will also be an increase in 4m activity.

This weekend there are going to be a lot of hams in the southern part of the UK who will be looking towards their antennas as the threatened storm approaches. we have already had some damage to the antennas on our roof from an earlier storm some few weeks ago. However, this was not major. What the coming storm will bring who knows.

Not everybody realises how international our business is, We are constantly shipping goods all over the world. Yesterday for example we shipped a consignment to Germany and to India. We also received a £50,000 export order earlier this week. All this is over and above our normal amateur radio business.

This weekend is a big contest weekend and if you are not keen on contests then I guess you will either remain QRT or head off to one of the WARC bands. My antennas are wound down and I will probably migrate to 18MHz. That is, if I still have an antenna. Peter G3OJV

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October 26th, 2013 at 6:55 pm
Mike Says:

Good afternoon Peter, very nice to hear the sales are doing well for you. Yes this sure is a big weekend for contesting for the SSB folks. I hope the weather improves.

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