Crystal Gazing   October 23rd, 2013

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It is quite surprising how often radio turns up when you are out an about. A few days ago I was returning from Northampton traveling down the M1 and decided to stop off at Stoke Bruerne, by the canal. There is a very interesting Canal Museum there and several places to eat. As the weather was not really suitable for walking I decided to have a look around the museum. It’s not a large museum, but there are quite a few things to look at and amongst the relics I found an old crystal set with headphones.

It is when you see such simple equipment that you realise how much things have progressed in a relatively short space of time. And of course it required no power to operate it. I guess that it was quite easy to erect a wire above the boat and there would have been an excellent earth available. I do have an old crystal set of my own. It is years since I tried it, but I do remember as a young lad that such a radio was all I had and I used to listen on the medium wave regularly at night in my bedroom. The selectivity was pretty poor and if you tried to listen to a weak signal, you had to put up with the Home Service. Radio 4 to you youngsters! Peter G3OJV.

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