Dining Beside a BC636a Receiver   October 19th, 2013

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I have spent the night at Sywell Aerodrome, a place that i have never visited before and indeed, know little about. It was used primarily for maintenance during the war and the main aircraft repaired were Wellingtons and Lancaster Bombers. It also had a record of RAF pilot training. Now days it has reverted to a private flying field and a considerable amount of industrial buildings have grown up within the aerodrome, some connected with aviation and others for completely different purposes.

One of the most distinctive buildings are those that originally formed a terminal and mess dating back to the mid 1930s. These have now been converted into a hotel and function rooms. They have however, been preserved in an Art Deco style. There is also an interesting museum built into an extremely elongated nissen hut.

What really caught my eye was the several display cabinets within the restaurant housing some interesting radio equipment. Most of it I recognized as having seen before and in our museum, including the ubiquitous R1155. The one piece I did not recognize was the BC636a communications receiver. This I believe is an AM VHF receiver, and by the look of it, was used as a base station unit. It was out of its case and so it was easy to see the inside. It looked like a simple superhet design but was probably quite advanced for its day. There are a number of other interesting items there, so if you live in the area, I would suggest you perhaps call in for lunch or even a cup of coffee in the lounge bar.

Julian has posted his first detailed message on his blog and it is good to learn that things are improving. I am sure we all join in wishing him well and to see his call back on the air as soon as he has regained hi strength and motivation. Good to see you back Julian.
Peter G3OJV.

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