IC-7100 In Stock   October 16th, 2013

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It’s been another busy day and I am glad to say that we have another shipment of IC7100s in stock. Over half of them are spoken for, but if you are looking for one, then give us a call pretty quickly. The big attraction has clearly been the 4m aspect, a band which haa lots to offer. But the touch screen is also a nice “touch” and a hint of things to come.

We are also now starting to see a flow of the new Apache-Labs SDR transceivers. These come in three flavors. There is the 15W and 100W single receiver models and the 100W dual receiver model. Codes are ANAN-10E, ANAN-100E and ANAN-100DE. If you want more information then please check our dedicated web site.

And talking of web sites, our new web site is now up and running. There have been no major issues, but there us still a lot of extra data to be uploaded and photos to go up. Please pay a visit and let us have any feedback.

It is always nice to meet new visitors in the shop and we had the pleasure of meeting with a GD0. The owner of the call was purchasing a complete Elecraft K-line. More and more hams around the world are turning to Elecraft. It has an undefinable attraction that makes it rather special. The engineering is beautiful, which makes servicing so much easier. We recently had to take the complete PA section out of a K3 and it took around 10 minutes to completely remove it. Just one big plug in unit. It was that simple. And the low power driver board is just as easy. I never cease to be mazed at the flexibility of the settings that seem to cater for just about every operating preference.

I am still testing the KXPA-100 amplifier. I can confirm that it will work fine with the FT-817. On the back panel is a 3dB pad attenuator that permits full 100W output from either 5W or 10W input. And there is no cooling fan to worry about. it is totally thermal cooled. Peter G3OJV.

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