Removing the Cobwebs for our Website   October 13th, 2013

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Well it is well overdue, but if all goes well we should have a new web site up and running this week.

The original plan was for the site to be completed towards the end of July, but as with all these things, the schedule slips and slips. It was hoped that the site would be live last week, but again there was a last minute hitch. Hopefully this will not happen this coming week.

Two of the features we have adde is multi language and multi currency. We have also improved the site search performance and the layout is quite a a bit different. And with over 6000 product entries it has not been easy. I am sure there will be a bedding down process, but i also hope that it will be a big improvement over our current site which is really showing its age.

I wait with interest to see it live for myself. Peter G3OJV.

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