The Other Man’s Station   October 9th, 2013

It is good to hear and learn about customer’s equipment and station setups. In the past few days I have received details of two stations that I found quite interesting.

Once upon a time there was a regular column in the old Short Wave Magazine which was known as The Other Man’s Station. This was extremely popular and gave readers some indication of how diverse the different stations were. I suppose many readers were interested in some of the more ambitious setups, even though they could never hope to have such a station themselves, either because of the cost or the room needed. And one part of the station that certainly can need a lot of room is the antenna system.

InnovAntennas are one of the world leaders in large antenna systems, particularly in respect of VHF and above. And one array that they recently sold was a 28 element array for 6m. That’s right, 28 elements! It is configured in four seven element Yagis mounted on an H-frame and correctly fed with splitters and correctly phased. InnovAntennas make this job easy by supplying the antenna as a whole package. The picture below shows the array on its support tower. It presents quite a mass of metalwork, but is rated to withstand normally expected weather and then a bit more. The main purpose of this particular array is for EME work, although it will produce an equally loud signal for terrestrial contacts. I am no expert on EME work but I believe that you need less gain on the lower frequencies. The only problem is that this is offset by the amount of metalwork needed for an LF array.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 20.14.11

If you don’t have room for such an array you may have to resign yourself to a more modest antenna system and devote your time to the gear indoors. We all have our favorite product ranges and Elecraft is probably the best example of a range of products that has a massive following that is growing year by year. In this particular station operated by Peter G3MLO, and shown below, it is a good example of a dedicated Elecraft station. It is not totally Elecraft but it has a very heavy bias towards this range. The station includes two K3s, a KPA-500, KAT-500, P3 and KX3. That is dedication, and I am sure the owner gets a great deal of pleasure and pride in operating such a station.

Elecraft Station
Peter G3OJV.

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