It All Starts at The Mic   October 4th, 2013

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Tonight I am giving a talk on Canvey Island to the Thames Amateur Radio Group, primarily about Heil microphones and audio in general. I will also touch upon SDR as well.

W&S have been associated with Heil for many years and have got to know the Company and in particular, Bob Heil, very well.

I often think that the microphone does not get the attention that it deserves. As Bob says many times, it all starts at the microphone. How true that really is. The microphone you get with your radio is generally very low budget. Certainly it is not made by the manufacturer of your radio. It probably only costs a few dollars. But it works and does the job. Well perhaps it does the job but not very well. Recording engineers spend thousand of pounds on microphones, because it pays off. We don’t need to spend that kind of money because our radios have a restricted audio range. However, within that restricted audio range there is room for improvement.

Many radios now have EQ adjustments and it is here that you can make a big difference. But, and it is a big but, you need a decent signal first of all for the EQ to work with. And it is here that Bob Heil steps in. His microphones have a clear and articulate output. Ideal for speech. Put this kind of signal into your transceiver and you really do have a good quality audio signal that you can then tweak with the EQ control.

A new microphone is a pretty low cost investment and will last you for years. There are adaptors to suit any radio so even if you do change your radio, your microphone will still be OK for the new radio.

And to show how passionate some people are about their microphones and the quality that Heil can produce, take a look at the picture above of a happy owner of an HM12 from Heil. You don’t get much more passionate than that about your microphone. Peter G3OJV

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