SDR Day Today   October 2nd, 2013

Today was a busy day with us shipping more SDR than we have ever done in one day. A shipment of FlexRadio transceivers and Apache-Labs arrived on the same day. In fact we still have back orders after all this. I am not sure if this signals a significant rise in SDR or whether it is a combined result of the National Hamfest and the long wait after the 18 month SDR vacuum. But for whatever reason it happened.

We also have a backlog of Elecraft, where we need to build orders placed at the Hamfest. Hopefully we will be able to clear these by the end of next week. Elecraft is built under very strict conditions and as such cannot be hurried. To the building time has to be added the burn in period, followed by calibration and checks. An Elecraft transceiver probably gets more testing than many, and is certainly hand assembled. The range is probably unique in that every order has its own preferences, extras and filter combinations. But that is the joy of Elecraft. Peter G3OJV

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October 3rd, 2013 at 9:53 am
Mike Says:

Good morning Peter, yes the SDR radio is starting to take off…..not sure if it’s due to size, the advancements or folk are not really missing the VFO spinning. But then there is a VFO one can purchase with the Flex system if that bug still bites.

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