Newark Here we Come   September 25th, 2013

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Certainly a busy day today. The truck is loaded and we are ready to go to Newark Show, the scene of the RSGB’s National Hamfest. I had a text from Eric, WA6HHQ who was just about to get on a British Airways flight from California to London Heathrow. It’s a long flight and I think that we all appreciate his making the long trip. But it really is a great chance to meet up with somebody who has made such a change to the commercial market. He will be giving a talk on both days and I am sure that the event will be very crowded. So don’t miss the Show.

We will en on the road at 6am and would expect to have finished building the stand at around 7pm. It’s a long day with a lot of physical work. There will be some great prices and some interesting new products. The newest arrival is the Elecraft KXPA100, Yes we really do have one that you can come and see. But don;t expect to take one home with you as Elecraft have still not officially released it yet. But you can place a forward order. Peter G3OJV.

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