Talking About Elecraft   September 13th, 2013

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Keeping Up To Date with ELecraft

I know that lots of hams who own Elecraft transceivers regularly update their firmware. But equally there are some that have never done so. I would encourage all owners to do this as there are regular firmware updates, and many of these actually improve performance, switch on extras, (like the voice synthesizer on the KX3) and reduce current drain.

One of the big features of Elecraft is their close contact with customers and much of the firmware updates are a direct result of customer feedback. Firmware updates are very easy to carry out. With the KX3 you get the USB lead with the radio and with the K3 the USB lead is available as an optional extra that we carry in stock here. All you need to do is to go onto the Elecraft site and download the driver and the utility for the K3 or KX3. There are other firmware utilities for the KPA-500, KAT-500, and most other Elecraft products.

Another way to keep in touch is to come to the RSGB National Hamfest in Newark on the 27th and 28th when Eric, WA6HHQ will be on our stand to talk about Elecraft and to answer any questions that you may have. He will also be delivering a lecture on both days.

For those who are thinking about purchasing Elecraft or are at the moment just curious, I would encourage them to download the user manuals from the Elecraft site in the USA. These really do give you some idea of the comprehensive facilities and features of each model.

Elecraft T1A Auto ATU Does The Job

August 2013 291

Keith Laval contacted us a few days ago and sent us a picture of his portable radio station. It uses the little Elecraft T1A Auro ATU (bottom left) together with the YouKits CW transceiver. Keith describes the setup as follows:

“I purchased the batteries from CPC Electronics 12v 3.3 Ah each costing about £12.00.
I also bought two 12v 420 mA chargers at about £10.00 each,giving about an 8 hour charge period. They come with croc clips fitted for easy connection to the batteries.
You will notice I replicated the aerial and key connections on a small box, the key I used is an ex Czech army key with a two pin plug, I replicated the aerial connection because the BNC connection on the auto tuner is not physically robust, especially when plugging an aerial in and out all the time with mobile use.”

Thanks Keith. It does perhaps underline the fact that you can still engage in a form of home construction, even if you don’t want to work at component level. Keith I reckon that your next step should be to upgrade to a KX3! Peter G3OJV.

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