Going Forward   September 10th, 2013

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Here at Waters and Stanton we have been working on some exciting new changes to our Company. Some of this is already apparent, but a lot more is to follow.

Our major change will be to bring you the leading cutting edge technology in radio communications. This is initially in the ham radio field, but some of it will spill over into commercial areas. We are not abandoning any existing ranges we handle as many of these form our core business. But rather we are building on what we have done over the past forty years, and creating a new chapter in the Company history.

You will already have seen the beginnings of this in the form of Elecraft. Our first year with Elecraft has been an amazing success with record sales volumes on both the K3 and the KX3. The majority of sales have been for finished transceivers which are built her and undergo the same stringent tests that Elecraft themselves apply in the USA.

A very recent acquisition is the European agency for Apache Labs. This equipment is rapidly becoming one of the world leaders in SDR ham radio transceivers. We will have stock within the next couple of weeks. These are mature products, with established software that is totally stable and very comprehensive. The prices are also very competitive. On my desk today has landed an independent test report that underlines the superb performance of these radios. I will come back to this on a later blog once I have fully read it. We will shortly be appointing dealers in the various European countries with a fast track stock delivery system that means that any European customer can be assured of immediate deliver of the world’s top SDR system.

There are other products that will shortly be introduced, including linear amplifiers, rotators and some top range VHF and UHF equipment. In addition, our collaboration will continue with Innovantennas who have now switched from FlexRadio to Apache Labs ANAN-100Ds as the basis for their “on air” antenna tests. The Apache Labs radios are proving extremely reliable in this application. And with the new beta software, cuSDR, it is possible to display over 50MHz of bandwidth with any Apache Labs radio.

For those who intend to visit the RSGB Hamvention, (and we encourage you to do so), we will be mounting excellent displays of both Elecraft and Apache Radio.

Oh and for all those who have already enquired about Apache Radio, there is definitely no charge for the software, updates of support. It all comes FREE. Peter G3OJV

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