QRP in The Highlands   September 5th, 2013

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The weather here in the Highlands has been nowhere nears as good as it has been in the South, but we have had our fair share of sunshine. It is the first time that I have had a chance to test out the Alex loop with the KX3, and it worked a treat. I took it down to the beach and set it up using a combination of my rucksack and some drift wood.

The best way to adjust the Alex loop is to adjust for maximum receiver noise and then fine tune the loop whilst watching the VSWR meter. That works perfectly and one of the advantages of using a loop is that you do not need an ATU.

I operated solely on 40m and had some good contacts running just 3W. I am not sure what advantage I was getting by operating near the sea, but the combination worked fine. The whole antenna plus transceiver, fit easily into a rucksack. I used AA 2Ah cells which seem to last long enough for a day’s operation. It’s a combination I would recommend. Peter G3OJV

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