Out of Touch!   September 3rd, 2013

I am a frequent visitor to the Highlands of Scotland and I love the remote areas up here. But the downside is that my present location has no wifi and no 3G. To download or upload using my mobile phone takes an age, particularly during the daytime when everybody else is trying to do the same!

In fact ham radio becomes far more immediate than my phone on such occasions. If I move up the road there is no mobile phone coverage at all. I have been using the little Apache Labs 15W radio on CW into an Alex loop. The advantage of this arrangement is that by the loops nature of operation, it has a built-in ATU. The Apache Labs radio also proves that you can send fast CW with SDR. I also have the Elecraft KX3 which runs similar power, but has the advantage of having a built-in auto ATU. This makes it totally portable, capable of matching into an end fed wire and does not need a PC. This really underlines that there is a place for both types of transceiver.

Tomorrow I hope to move into wifi area and that will make blog posting a lot easier and nit take ip half the day! Peter G3OJV

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