McDonalds to The Rescue   September 1st, 2013

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Yesterday I spent most of the day at Jaycee’s in Glenrothes where we held their annual Open Day. Once again we were blessed with some nice sunny weather and a good attendance. There was a good selection of “junk” on the bring and buy stall and this was very much the focus of attention for the first hour or so. Icom had a great selection of equipment and by far and away their most popular item was the new IC7100 transceiver. And of course the feature that attracted moat was the radio’s ability to cover 4m.

I had driven up the precious day and at around 3pm it was time to start to pack away and get ready for the trip up to Fort William. This was to take around 3 hours and was uneventful. But one of the problems up in the Highlands is the lack of communications. Where I am, there is no 3G so you can almost dismiss any ability to go onto the internet and post any blogs. I have tried in the past but it is like watching paint dry!

On my drive up I did notice one HF ham operator who lives on the edge of Glen Coe and the owner is conspicuous by the presence of a tower topped with a 3 element beam. I don’t know the call sign and it would interesting to learn how HF operation works out when you are surrounded by mountains.

I am hoping that our cottage will have internet connection by Tuesday which will make life a lot more like I am used to in the South. But as I type this I am looking out onto a misty loch and vague outlines of mountains on the other side. I am aware that down South the sun is shining in strict comparison to what I am experiencing up here. However, as I always say, you cannot have green mountains and waterfalls without rain. I have brought up my little Elecraft KX3 and a portable Alex loop antenna. The only problem is that I forgot to bring a PL259 patch lead to connect between antenna and radio! I will now have to call W&S to get them to send me one up. There is no chance of buying one in Fort William! And as for posting this blog, it required a trip down to McDonalds to make use of their internet. Peter G3OJV.

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September 24th, 2013 at 9:37 pm
Col MM0NDX Says:

“Edge of Glencoe” op is GM3ZRT. Helpful chap indeed.

73, Col MM0NDX

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