Heading North   August 30th, 2013

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Today I drove up the M1 and M6 and arrived in Glenrothes in Fife, for the Jaycee Open Day tomorrow. The traffic was the typical for a Friday but with a bonus of a 90 minute delay on the M6. I don’t operate quite so much HF mobile as I used to, but I had the Elecraft KX3 with me and whilst my wife was driving I managed a couple of CW QSOs on 40m and 20m. I just had a simple whip mounted on the rear hatch of the car.

The speaker in the KX3 struggles a bit if the car noise is high as on a motorway, so I used my Apple iPhone earpiece. That gave me a bit more focus on the CW. I managed to use the matching paddle for the Elecraft, and found the best position to use it in the car. It always gives me pleasure to operate from just simple batteries such as a set of AA cells. It is quite cheap to buy a set of AA 2Ah cells and in the KX3 you can get a useful day’s operation from one charge.

I generally throttle the output power back to 3W or less as this is the most efficient power level which is a design feature. On AA cells you are normally limited to 5W maximum output, again a design limit which makes sense. I do like the built in audio filter. A lot of owners miss this for the first few weeks of ownership and only discover it when they read the owner manual. My KX3 has the auto ATU built in and this is a real plus if you are going to opera portable with wire antennas. My KX3 is the very first that we brought into the UK and is well over a year old. However, it is fully up to the latest specification because of the readily available firmware updates.

So we arrive in Scotland and get ready for tomorrow’s Open day up here in Glenrothes. If you are able to, then I would encourage you to drive up (or down) to join us. You will be made very welcome. Peter G3OJV

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