The Great Flood   August 28th, 2013


Hockley was mentioned on BBC national TV last night. It doesn’t happen very often! But it was a very unusual event. We had a major flood.

Here in the far south east corner of the UK we have one of the driest weather systems and this summer we have had hardly any rain since the middle of May. But then on Saturday 24th of August, we had the heaviest rain fall I have ever seen. It was not only heavy, but it was also constant. The national TV said that we had 7cm in a few hours. Well I would not argue with that figure.

By mid afternoon it was getting serious with man hole covers being pushed up and water pouring out. Neighbours were asking for help to clear drains and avoid the water coming into their homes. This was not the kind of thing we are used to here, We are not near any rivers or on particularly low ground. But when the rain comes down at this rate, there is no where for it go other than to spread out across roads and fields and into houses. The top surface locally is clay and this had been baked hard by the sunny weather, so that reduced absorption

Our business premises were virtually unaffected, other than some minor leaks from our flat roof. The warehouse was not affected at all. But down the road, just a few hundred yards away where the road dips down to pass under Hockley Station railway bridge, there was over 8ft of water with a large car trapped and its roof just showing.. Fortunately the fire brigade were able to rescue the occupants before it sank in the water, And of course there were a few houses and shops where the water came inside, Yes this was Hockley in the summer.

Two days later we were outside in our gardens enjoying one of the most glorious days you could imagine with not a cloud in the sky. It perhaps underlines the fact that in life on earth you can never know what is around the corner!

G4ILO Blog Suspended
I have been a long time reader of Julian’s blog. It has been one of the most prolific ham radio blogs. Julian has been suffering from a brain tumor for several years and and his determination and stamina in pursuing his hobby has been an example to us all.

I was particularly sorry to see Julian;s latest entry where he says that for the moment his health has declined and he will be unable to continue with his blog covering amateur radio. Our prayers are that he will regain strength and be able to continue with a hobby in which he has personally not only been very active, but an inspiration to us all, how even under extreme adversity, he has been able to soldier on. God be with you Julian and may He bless you with renewed strength. Peter G3OJV..

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