Time Waits for No Man   August 27th, 2013

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In the past fifty three years that I have been licensed, and more particularly over the past forty years that I have been involved in the industry, I have seen lots of names come and go. But the three names that have been present all the way through my involvement in selling ham radio are Icom, Yaesu and Kenwood. The latter formerly known as Trio.
So I think we should be very glad that those three names have kept us going over all these years. I think that we have all been privileged to have such loyal suppliers. But make no mistake, they are really only there for the profit. So I guess all those that buy gear can pat themselves on the back for having kept them in business. So what of the next forty years?

Well i really have no idea and can only make some vague guesses. What is indisputable is that the internet will be playing a bigger and bigger part in the sale of equipment. Most of us now have a much greater trust in buying at a distance and there is certainly a lot more protection for customers. But one thing is for sure and that is that there will be changes and nothing is for ever. In fact the life of product trends and changes can be quite short. The big three have certainly kept up with technology and demonstrate that competition can be a healthy thing. Any company that fears competition will fail because the very fear that they show means that they do not have a competitive product base; one that is strong enough to compete on a like for like level.

There are niche products that are often small enough not to come within the radar of the big three. That gives them a measure of safety and there are some very good examples in the USA and indeed in many countries around the the world, often existing as one-man businesses. So what of the future?

I really don’t see any company getting into the inner circle of the big three in the short term. But I do see some strong contenders to come up with products that can make their name in the market and become well established. There are a few names that I have in mind, but future is far less certain than the past!

The one thing I am confident about is that ham radio will continue to be a strong hobby with a strong commercial base. And that is really essential. But there will be some big changes in the next few years at all levels, both retailing and manufacturing. The simple fact is that the strongest will survive, whilst the others will need to change, in some cases radically. Perhaps that all sounds a bit obvious, but sometimes the obvious is missed! Peter G3OJV

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