A Great Day Out 31st August   August 26th, 2013

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It is now less than a week to go to the big open Day at our shop in Scotland run by Bill, Betty and Scott. This is always a big day in the ham radio diary, and is well attended by hams from all over Scotland and the North of England. Held at Glenrothes in Fife, it is an easy location to get to because it is fed by a good road system, There is no problem with parking. For those that have not been before, let me give you some details of the usual format,

Bill’s shop is on a small shopping precinct, and some 59 yds, cross the precinct is a community hall that Bill hires for the event. In here are the trade exhibits, bring and buy, clubs and the all important refreshments. Oh amd there is a raffle as well. Myself and my wife Sue, always attend and Mark and John from our Hockley shop will also be there. So we all look forward to meeting you,

Last year we introduced a lecture stream, and we shall be running that again this year, There will be a talk on Elecraft and another on Apache Labs SDR radios. We will have some demo Elecraft and there will also be the very first public demonstration of Apache Labs ANAN transceiver. I have talked a bit about these radius in this blog and have been running one for about two weeks now. I must say I am very impressed with it.

Some of you will know that I do a bit of QRP work and my lovely KX3 that I take about with me has been supplemented with the ANAN-10 as a base station. This delivers a similar power out to the KX3, that is, about 12 watts. They both have great receivers and I find no problem in moving from one to the other.

So on Saturday, the 31st August, from 10am onwards, I invite you to make the trip to Bill’s shop and enjoy an interesting day our where you can see new equipment and meet old and new friends. I look forward to seeing you there. Peter g3OJV

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