CP4 Quad Band Compact Yagi   August 23rd, 2013


I paid a visit to Innovantennas yesterday and had a chat with Justin GOKSC who is responsible for the design of all the “Innov” antennas.

He is very well known for the design of his VHF and UHF antennas, but not everybody realises how many HF antennas he produces. Yesterday I was standing beside a 4 bay 9 element 6m system that was being built. Each boom length is 15m long. That is a real big antenna. So HF antenna manufacture for the kind of antennas that you or I would use, is a pretty simple affair!

The antenna in question that I saw as I approached the factory was an interlaced 4 band Yogi array and from its size I guessed that it included the 20m band. But what surprised me was the almost complete lack of any sag in the elements. They were almost perfectly horizontal. This was achieved because of the thicker tubing used and the thicker walls. There were also no traps. This all helped to give some remarkably clean lines to the array and it somehow looked far less obtrusive. It was a very tidy array.

The antenna known as CP4 has a boom of just 3.4m, weighs 25kg and can withstand winds of up to 100mph., The antenna has just one feed line and all the other driven elements are close coupled to the main driven element. It manages to cover 20-15-10-6m and is rated at 2kW.

I was very impressed with what I saw and although it is not a word normally used for describing an antenna, the word “pretty” came to mind! Peter G3OJV.

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