Apache Labs Available in the UK   August 21st, 2013


We will shortly be stocking the Apache Labs range of equipment which is SDR based and will have the ability to operate under Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. We will be stocking all three models. There are two 100W models and a 15W model. They are known as ANAN10, ANAN100 and ANAN100D, All cover 160m -6m and the ANAN100D has two physical receivers.

The equipment runs under OpenHPSDR software which is a development of the software used by FlexRadio, However, there have been lots of extra functions added. At the same time a new software program is being developed in Germany that is known as cuSDR. This has the power to run up to 7 receivers within the software and also can display the full spectrum of 10kHz to 55MHz. It is this new software that will run under the three platforms.
A beta version is available now, but only the receiver side has been opened for operation.

The good news is that all this equipment is available now and has a performance capability better than anything else that we know of that is currently available. This is good news for those who want to upgrade to more advanced SDR transceivers. It will also be very competitively pricd..

The engineering is superb ad there are promises of VHF and UHF modules, so this looks good for VHF and UHF operators.

Finally, Apache Labs will be exhibiting on our stand at the Newark Hamfest on the 27th and 28th of September, so don’t miss this. Peter G3OJV

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