4m Here we Come!   July 29th, 2013

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During our changes that we made recently to the antenna system was the installation of a very compact dual band 6m and 4m Yagi made by InnobAntennas and designed by G0KSC. This is an interesting design because it is very compact, with a boom little more than a meter long, It offers operation on two of our most interesting bands, both of which offer sporadic E possibilities on a predictable basis.

It is also very timely because we now have a demo model of the new Icom IC-7100 transceiver. I have not had time to operate this radio properly yet, but it does seem very lively and could well become a serious competitor for those who want all band performance up to 70cms. And with 4m operation expanding rapidly in Europe, this is really the only option available.

It was a pleasant surprise to learn that the final retail price is far lower than everybody expected. At one time the price had been rumored to be approaching £1,800 and the feeling within the trade is that Icom, for whatever reason, were forced to rethink the price. This will certainly kill off the sale of the IC-7000 unless Icom are planning to reduce this price as well.

For those wanting to purchase the IC-7100, we are now taking orders and expect to fulfill all those orders towards the end of August. Oh and by the way, the photo at the top is not the 3 element per band, nut the 4 elmeant per band. I have not yet got a photo of the smaller one. Peter G3OJV

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July 31st, 2013 at 8:36 pm
Nicholas Pascoe G3IOI Says:

Hi Peter,
I couldn’t visit on your open day as my xyl is very ill and confined to bed. It would have been nice to see the IC-7100 as I have one on order with you, let’s hope they arrive soon.
Regarding the InovAntennas 6/4 meter combo., a brilliant antenna, I got mine almost a year ago but due to circumstances only got it up at the beginning of June and was lucky to hit an opening and worked EA9UG, PY1RO and ZB54EO on the first day on 50 MHz since then have worked all over EU on both bands using my K3 with a Spectrum tvtr. for 70 MHz. Copying the Cornish beacon on 6 as I type this.
73, Nicholas ‘Ray’ Pascoe G3IOI in Wickford.

August 5th, 2013 at 6:03 am
Pip Price Says:

Hi Peter,
Due to the pressures of work, I have only been dabbling with amateur radio for some years and I always wished I had more time and resources to devote to the hobby. In February I was diagnosed with a fairly long term illness and so decided to auction off the old gear and take the plunge. From my hospital bed I rang W&S and in a jiffy had ordered and payed for an IC7100. Now here I am like a child waiting for Christmas Eve! I’ve not felt like this for years.
I suppose that the inclusion of a lower spec microphone than the HM-151 has helped to keep the price down but I think it will be my first upgrade.
I expect to be looking at mobile antennae and mounting brackets, an ATU plus remote software. I have no experience of D-STAR or 4 metres so you could say I’m champing at the bit somewhat. How long after the arrival of the IC7100 will it be before the accessories are available?
Please don’t keep us in suspense too long 🙂

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