Job Done@   July 27th, 2013

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Well we completed the antenna work, just in time. The weather forecast was not good but in fact we finished the task without drop of rain, Thehe sun shone once again with the temperature climbing to the mid twenties. A last minute idea from Justin G0KSC, was to add a dual band 4m and 6m Yagi. This we duly did and that completes our new antenna system. It covers all bands from 80m to 70cm including 4m. Possibly unique at any UK dealership. There were a few snags like the unexpected high VSWR on the 70cms Yagi. After a bit of head scratching we found the reason. We had not connected the coax run to the antenna! Yes it happens to us as well. We installed mast head preamps on both 2m and 70cms because of the extended coax runs. At present we are using a an Icom IC-7100 which has a built in 12v DC feed up the coax and makes installation of masthead amps very simple.

Turning the system on showed that everything was finally working well and the pre-amplifiers certainly paid off. Beacons were coming in at good strength, adn the ones on 4m were new for me. I have to confess that the last time I operated on 4m was probably in the 1960s on AM. The 4m beacon in Hertfordshire was coming through very well and was stronger than the one on 50MHz. I am not sure why this should be. It now remains to connect some rigs up to the coax runs. I guess the choice will change quite regularly now. I might even pop down to the shop and try a bit of 4m when there is an activity night. Listen out for G0PEP

We got through quite a few metres of coax cable. It was very hot work and I had not realized what a great take off we have from the roof of our building. There is rising ground from us to the west, but other than that there is little in the way and so we expect some good results from the new system, particularly on VHF and UHF. As you can see from the picture above, Justin G0KSC, got the best view at the top of the tower. He told me how great the view was. I decided to believe him and stay in the somewhat more safe place on top of the roof.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is our Open Day. I look forward to seeing you there.

Peter G3OJV.

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