Elecraft Station G100RSGB Nearing 1500 contacts over two days   July 25th, 2013

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At the end of the day yesterday we reached just over 1000 contacts under the call of G100RSGB. This station was run on our premises by the Essex CW Group who, as you might have guessed, operated entirely on CW. This was a magnificent effort and their activity is continuing today at a somewhat more leisurely pace.

It was an education to see the operation in progress and the integration of PC and Elecraft K3s. With the quick fire contacts with the aid of contest software, the need to use the key was minimal. There is no way that this number of QSOs could be maintained using SSB. Contest CW is certainly a lot more advanced than the old days, and very much more efficient and quicker. It would be impossible to achieve this kind of QSO speed with a pencil and paper!

All credit must go to the two Elecraft K3s that worked faultlessly for 24 hours as did the KPA500 linear. And of course I doubt that if the two stations were using other equipment, they would be able to operate so close together without any input filtering.

At the present time we are running at 1400 stations worked in total. There had been some activity on 10m and 15m, but as i write this we are back on 14MHz and 18MHz. hTa’s 3MHz apart and no interference!

Well done to all who helped put this station on and the antenna work.

Peter G3OJV 2.30pm

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