Talking Stalking   July 22nd, 2013

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Stalkers have hit the headlines in recent years causing untold distress to their victims and in some cases, worse. But in the last two weeks I have witnessed something that is the ham radio equivalent of stalking. Now I am not on the radio bands every day and so to hear this type of event twice in two weeks is either no more than a coincidence or is becoming a problem that needs dealing with before it spreads in any significant way. It manifests itself in the form of targeted and deliberate jamming.

I remember in the past that jamming took place on repeaters and caused sever problems to all the users. The perpetrator obviously derived some form of pleasure from causing so much disruption to so many people. It was easily done and required RF of some sort on just one channel. The repeater cannot move its frequency and the person responsible just had to sit and wait on that one channel. But what I heard recently was completely different.

This jamming was aimed not at a repeater but at individual operators. In effect, the victim was being stalked via ham radio. Every time the operator changed frequency the stalker would follow. It was a one to one confrontation, and of course I have no idea what the reasons for the two events were. It could have been random or it could be because there was an issue. But in both cases, from the responses from both victims, it was clear that what I heard, had been going on for some time and appeared to emanate from countries other than the one in which the operators lived.

As I said, it is a worrying development in our hobby and, I hope, a very rare one. Peter G3OJV.

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