Erecting a Vertical Can Be A Breeze!   July 15th, 2013

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I spent the weekend in Thorpeness on the ears coast of Suffolk looking out over the North Sea. It proved to be one of the hottest periods this year. Perhaps fortunately, there was a breeze blowing continuously off of the sea which cooled things down somewhat and made sitting on the beach quite comfortable. In fact I took advantage of a wind break which made laying on the beach even more pleasurable.

One of the activities on this beach was kite flying, because of the steady breeze that often prevails here. And it got me thinking about kite antennas. I have used then in the distant past but things have moved on a bit, and designs are a lot more advanced and can be made to fly in quite light winds with excellent stability. This got me searching the internet to see what was needed and the precautions to be taken.

It seems that you should not use the kite wire as the antenna, but instead fasten the antenna near the kite and drop it down. You should also use some kind of elastic arrangement to take care of the kite movement so that there is less effect on the antenna when there is vertical movement.

I think that a kite antenna would be a great arrangement for my Elecraft KX3. The idea of simply erecting a quarter wave for 40m or 80m seems to be a big attraction. Whether or not I get around to it really depends on all the other great ideas I have! Having ideas is one thing, but putting them into practice is quite another. Peter G3OJV

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