A QSO Does Not Always End With 73   July 14th, 2013

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I had a very interesting QSO with PA2TG on 2m the other night. I was getting some really strong signals from the Dutch and German beacons on my K3 and P3 combination, and fully expected to hear quite a bit of activity. But it was the very opposite. I could hear no activity on the band which seemed to me rather surprising. I did put out a couple of calls mid evening, but got no replies. It was at this point that I realized that it was a 70cms activity night and I suppose that was where all the activity was. I don’’t have any 70cms equipment so I was not able to take part.

At the end of the evening I thought that I would put out one more call as the beacons were still very strong, and back came PA2TG. The call was not familiar to me but the accent was very much so; an unmistakeable English accent. The call belonged to Trevor, who originally held a G8 call but had spent the last 30 years in Holland. It transpired that he was very active on all bands right up into the GHZ spectrum. We had an enjoyable chat. I was also very impressed that most of his equipment was home built. He had taken early retirement which obviously gave him the time to do all his construction work. He gave me his web address which I checked out and it is extremely interesting. In days gone by, the QSO would have ended there, but when I went onto the web site I found i spent another 30 minutes going around it and seeing just how much equipment he had and how much that he had built. Check it out. Peter G3OJV

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